How to get to Tigre


By Car

From CABA the fastest way to get to Tigre is throw Acceso Norte “Panamericana Route” of “Autopista del Sol”. The trip takes no more than 30 minutes. Getting to Tigre is simple you only have to follow the signs that point “Acceso Norte” and then take “Ramal Tigre”. Once you get there take the way to Tigre Centro (downtown Tigre).
From La Plata take the highway “La Plata-Buenos Aires” then go down trough “9 de Julio Avenue” up to “Retiro”. Take “Libertador Avenue” up to “General Paz”. Go up on “General Paz” and take then “Autopista del Sol” highway it’s called (Panamericana Acceso Norte). When you get “San Isidro” take “Ramal Tigre” and once you are in Tigre take the way to Tigre Centro (downtown Tigre).
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By bus

You can travel by bus line 60 from “Constitucion” terminal this line has many stops around Buenos Aires City. For more information click here. It takes 90 minutes long. Fast line (green sign) 60 minutes approximately.
Another choice is taking bus number 343 from Liniers terminal and ends in Tigre it takes 65minutes long. For more information click here. It takes 65 minutes long.
Bus number 21 “E” and 21 “D” start its tours in Liniers terminal. For more information click here.


By Train

RETIRO-TIGRE (direct service from line MITRE TBA). You can take the train in Retiro terminal. During the week frequency is 10 minutes between trains up to midnight. During weekends it’s 20 minutes frequency. The trip takes 50 minutes approximately.
RETIRO-DELTA Another choice is to take RETIRO-DELTA. MITRE line destination MITRE STATION where you can make a connection with TREN DE LA COSTA. Once you get the station you have to cross the bridge situated on 2600, Maipu Avenue. This bridge connects you to Maipu Station, there you have to take the one that goes to ESTACION DELTA. The Train frequency is 30 minutes every day.

From Tigre to Godrum


By Boat

Dock: GODRUM, Eco Yoga Island

From Tigre Fluvial Station its recommended to take the “Bus Boat” (Lancha colectivo) “EL JILGUERO” line. Telephone Number 47490987. Ticket Office number 2. Click here for more information: Summer Time Board / Winter Time Board.

For ones that attend to Oriental Programs on Saturdays from Tigre Fluvial Station it is recommended to take the “Bus Boat” at 14hs.

Time from the station to de Island is 30 minutes. In taxi boat it is 15 minutes time enough to appreciate the tour watching the beautiful landscape.